School Groups

Make Sandspit an end of year tradition! Reward students for a long year of hard work and provide them with a day outside of the classroom. Sandspit would be pleased to host your party. Here are some details of our School Program for the coming season. This information is general in nature and specific questions can be addressed through our office at 1-877-963-3939. If you are ready to book your group click the 'Book Online' button below for our online booking system.

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Product Price
Admission $13.75
Pre-purchased Meals $7.50
Go-Kart Rides $6.00

Hours and Pricing

School bracelets are $13.75 per student, taxes included. This represents a discount of over 50% from regular pricing. This special rate cannot be combined with any other offer. Bracelets include all rides except the go-karts. We also discount pricing on our go-kart rides to $6.00 per ride, and students may purchase these tokens through the teacher prior to arrival or at our ticket counter while at the park. Please keep in mind that all go-kart riders must be at least 57” tall. There is no admission charge to the grounds; teachers and chaperones may request a complimentary bracelet based on a recommended ratio.

In an effort to maintain organization, we would like to have teachers keep students on the buses upon arrival until a member of management promptly escorts them off the buses to receive bracelets and any other instructions. If there is a change in plans, we do ask that you contact our office as soon as possible.

The park will be open for school groups each day from 9:30 am until at least 3:30 pm rain or shine. If you require an earlier arrival or a later departure time, please do not hesitate to indicate at the time of booking. Bus drivers will also be admitted free and will be provided with complimentary coffee and meals.

Meals and Picnics

Students can eat at our main restaurant where we will allow students to pre-purchase discounted meal coupons for $7.50, taxes included. This includes a choice of Burger or Hot Dog, with Fries and a drink. There are also limited picnic facilities available.

If you have any questions about the park, or its facilities, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 902.963.3939, extension 221. If you would like to book please call our office or click the button above for the online booking form. If you would like to tour the park, we would be pleased to show you around at anytime.